Deadlift Deadener™

Our free online resource and app are supported by the sales of our unique products. Spending most of my life in the gym, in recent years I've set about making some of the products in my head. Please be sure to check them out; below, you'll find details of my Deadlift Deadener® load distribution device. Please also check out the acclaimed Globe Gripz® ergonomic multi-grip workout tool.

The Deadlift Deadener® gym tiles are a rubber arch bridge designed to help cushion the load of a deadlift and form a reverse arc around the weight plates, increasing the impact surface area by over 35 times. The Deadlift Deadener® design greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to bars, weights and the gym floor and is a must for any gym!

The Deadlift Deadener® is also used as a tool to teach better technique!

Caution: Always return a weight! Do not release weights at the top of a lift! 

The Deadlift Deadener® is made of high-grade rubber and is available is 2 sizes:
Deadlift Deadener® 250 - 250mm x 500mm
Deadlift Deadener® 500 (Strongman Edition) - 500mm x 500mm

Sold as a pair for use under weight plates.

Not sure whether the Deadlift Deadener® is up to the job? Think again! Check out Deadlift World Record Holder Eddie "The Beast" Hall on the video below:

Here's an early video of us demonstrating the Deadlift Deadener and discussing the benefits: 

To order the Deadlift Deadener®, please email us info(@) or visit our site .

We ship direct worldwide, but shipping charges can be high to some worldwide destinations, so please also check out our recommended dealers also. 

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