For many of you diet will mean losing weight, toning up and burning fat, rather than just your maintenance daily eating habits. There are many different diets out there - Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Ketogenic Diet etc. - all of which have the simple aim of you consuming less calories (food energy), therefore, causing a negative energy balance & you losing weight.

Different diets present different problems, some more so than others, which we'll discuss further within related articles. The fundamental flaw of most peoples diet plans (or rather, lack of plan) is both EFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY. For example, if you did not alter your activity levels, but cut out a couple of meals a day (say 600 calories less a day), initially you'll lose weight through causing a negative energy balance, but before long this will become your maintenance calories (level energy balance) at that slightly lower bodyweight. Plus, reducing calories by cutting out meals presents the potential problem of your body having less to breakdown less often, which could be to the detriment of your metabolic rate (body's processes), blood sugar levels, recovery. If you were to resume what you considered normal eating (starting calorie intake), you're highly likely to put on as much weight as you've lost (back to where you started) & potentially fall into the trap of the YoYo dieter. Not quite what you wanted to read - there being no quick fix, but, if thought out properly, there's no reason you cannot achieve realistic diet & physique goals. Our website is full of free helpful expert advice - use it!