Stiff-Arm Circles for Shoulders

Stiff-Arm Circles for Shoulders

Some of my most popular exercises to perform within the gym, I’ve never known taught or performed in any other gym or academy – they’re almost forgotten exercises! One such exercise is Stiff-Arm Circles (called ‘Around-the-World’ by my 78 year old friend Bob, of Bob’s Gym). With many people experiencing a shoulder injury (normally Rotator Cuff) at some point within their lives, Stiff-Arm Circles really is an exercise that should be included within your gym workout routine. Performed correctly and used in conjunction with more familiar shoulder exercises (e.g. in a multi-set), it can help toward working and strengthening your shoulder complex in almost every plane. Increased strength and increased mobility – that’s the way to avoid a shoulder injury in the first instance!

You’ll need “baby” weights for this exercise – I’m serious! No “hero” antics of picking up big weights and losing form completely and/ or injuring oneself. Most women will be picking up dumbbells of 2 to 4lbs each for this exercise, whilst heavyweight men will probably warrant no more than 15lb dumbbells. Alternatively, you can perform this exercise at home with two bottles of water (choose suitable sized plastic bottles and fill as appropriate). Similarly to other “stiff” exercises, have an ever-so-slight kink at your elbow (just so your arm’s not locked out at the elbow joint) and keep your arms outstretched. Causing slight elevation of your shoulder complex, the exercise involves slow small to medium sized circles – both forward and backward rotation (e.g. 10 repetitions of forward rotation followed by 10 backward).

As mentioned, this exercise works well within a multi-set – here’s a giant-set example:

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