Exercise Demonstrations - Quadriceps

Quadriceps muscle group image from GP Shuffle

Please find a list below of numerous exercises whereby the primary muscle group worked is the quadriceps.

The exercise diagrams and descriptions should help you to better understand the exercise (in order to perform it correctly) and for who (i.e. what sport) or when it may be beneficial to perform in training.

Remember, many popular sports (football, soccer, rugby, running, cycling etc.) are very demanding on the quadriceps. Although sports-specific training will naturally encourage you to train this muscle group harder, to avoid possible injury your supplementary training (weights) should help to iron out these imbalances (train your hamstrings too!). For ideas on sensible gym workout routines, visit our 'Workouts' category. You can also find "sensible" workouts and progression within the acclaimed Gym Workouts: Maps to Success book or our free-to-download GP Shuffle workout app.

Exercises for the Quads