Exercise Demonstrations - Triceps

Triceps anatomy image from GP Shuffle workout app

Most anatomical names are easily memorable by their latin or greek origin - 'Tri' meaning 3 - it also means the anatomical names are the same worldwide (in different languages). The 3 heads of the triceps develop an aesthetic horse-shoe appearance when well developed. As per biceps being a major helper during most back exercises (pulling movements), so are triceps during most pushing movements (compound exercises for chest or shoulders).

Please remember that you should train body parts equally and appropriately to ensure good posture, avoid against injury, & look far better! Please use the triceps exercise register below to find good form and technique throughout a variety of weight training exercises primarily used to work your triceps.

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Tricep Exercises

Note regarding the French Press exercise: The design of the excellent EZ Bar (& more recent specialist innovations like the superb GLOBE GRIPZ™) have been to reduce strain on the wrists and increase exercise comfort. Although it makes the movement of French Press more comfortable, do not push yourself to lose form on this exercise!!! I've known (not through my tuition I might add!) so many people create unwanted elbow injuries through performing this exercise incorrectly (normally induced by trying to lift too much!) than any other. If you want to increase the weight on your tricep exercises, do so on exercises such as weighted dips and narrow-grip bench press.