Cardio. Combination Workouts

Cardio workouts

I love weight training & I mean love it, so regular visits to the gym for weight training workouts is by no mean a chore for me, however, with bad weather setting in, my bike's been hung up and my off-road trainers are put away, which has meant more cardio time in the gym :(.

Generally, if there's something good on TV (like a documentary on Route 66 yesterday), then I can tune out and happily finish a workout before I know it. Other days though, it's a chore. On such days, I'm drawn to mix things up a bit (not too dissimilar to what I'd do with a weights workout) in order to alleviate the monotony and share stress around the body. One such method is cardio combination workouts. In essence, having shorter cardio workouts on various machines. I'm sure many of you reading this have done similar before. Below are some recent examples that I've either performed myself or with clients. You can make these harder or easier as you see fit simply by using the manual controls on your selected piece of cardio gym equipment.

Remember, your only limitation with workout thinking is yourself, but, with both cardio workouts and weight training workouts, be mindful of your ability amongst other factors. You'll find many useful workouts and articles relating to this on the site, on our free newsletter, and within our recommended books.

Cardio. Combination Equipment Workouts

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