FIT-PRO, Czech Republic

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FIT-PRO are the Sister-Company of our Slovakian dealer FIT PLUS and therefore offer many of the same great product ranges at discounted prices. FIT-PRO may be fairly youthful compared to its older Brother FIT PLUS, but it’s made up for by the enthusiasm of its team, which is made up of active sportsmen.

With a breadth of products at their fingertips and familiarity with modern gym environments, the guys at FIT-PRO offer a one-stop shop for your gym equipment and supplement needs in the Czech Republic. Being sportsmen, they are of course big fans of Globe Gripz.

To order Globe Gripz in the Czech Republic with super-quick delivery, or to discuss any other gym equipment needs, please find FIT-PLUS contact details below:

Jaurisova 515/4
140 00 Praha 4
ID : 288 22 668
Tax ID : CZ28822668
Case number C185354 by the Municipal Court in Prague.
Bank account 7107293001/5500 Raiffeisenbank
Under the harp (area high school COPTH)
190 00 Praha 9
Open Monday - Friday 9:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Tel : + 420 774 803 174
Email :

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