Pullsh Athletiktraining, Germany

Globe Gripz at FIBO with Pullsh.

Our connection with Pullsh Athletiktraining started with an order from Marek at Pullsh for our Globe Gripz product shortly before this year’s FIBO (2014). Impressed with Globe Gripz as a workout tool, Pullsh Athletiktraining decided to take Globe Gripz along with their other select brands - Eleiko, WaterRower, Dynamax, Concept2, Power Block, etc. - to exhibit at FIBO. Having had great feedback, within a few days of the event, Pullsh Athletiktraining became our latest dealer and now offer Globe Gripz in Germany at the following link:
Globe Gripz available in Germany!

Pullsh at FIBO

The select brands that Pullsh Athletiktraining offer, gives you a quick indication as to the passion for fitness they have and the ethos of the company. It then won’t surprise you that Pullsh Athletiktraining also provide training workshops and seminars.

Check out the range of available products at Pullsh Athletiktraining and their training workshops too.

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