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Over 80 exercises and more than 150 exercise demonstration photos for a wealth of workout choice and variety.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars

Find out why Home Gym Workouts: Gym Ball & Dumbbell Workouts for Women has a 5 star rating. Read our reviews below.

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Progressive workouts to perform in the comfort of your own home from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

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With many gyms over-selling memberships and not policing male gym members intent on working out their arms (or ‘Guns’ as they like to call them - LOL) in front of the mirror for an hour, over the past few months I’ve been inundated with more and more requests from dismayed female gym-goers wishing for decent gym workouts to perform at home.

Most of these female trainers have been limited with both space and available gym equipment, therefore, the overwhelming majority have opted for a gym ball and dumbbells, which is ample for a good home gym workout, as I’ll demonstrate with the progressive (from "beginner" to "advanced") workout routines and exercise illustrations featured within this book.

So, here it is: the step-by-step home gym workouts program for women: Home Gym Workouts: Gym Ball & Dumbbell Workouts for Women.

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Of further interest (for the commercial gym trainer), the comprehensive bestseller Gym Workouts: Maps to Success features over two hundred pages of gym workouts to perform in a commercial gym setting, along with many related articles and pages offering training advice. Basically, a concise all-you-need-to-know book to achieve your training goals.

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5 Stars
Fun workouts to perform in the comfort of your own home and they get progressively more difficult, but can all be done in the same amount of time. No jargon, just straight forward honest advice. The provided exercise diagrams were particularly useful at first also. Most important, I am fitter, have lost weight, and am more toned. Thanks x




5 Stars
This book is flat-out terrific. I don't think I've been this happy with a workout book. Straight-forward home gym workouts with clear and concise information and execise illustrations to boot :)