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When not involved with off-line commitments (lectures, nutritional advice, consultations), we (the Gym Professor and Fellows) hope to create a comprehensive on-line resource relating to: nutrition, diet, training, sports performance, fitness, gaining muscle, losing fat, anatomy, kinesiology, steroids, and far more besides.

In short, everything we find (& hopefully you'll find) of interest relating to sport, we plan to write about in a clear and concise manner.

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About Matt Bembridge AKA Gym Professor

A respected Author, Inventor, Speaker, and Educator in the field of fitness and nutrition, Matt is better known as his pen name Gym Professor, a tag given to him in the gym and used as a writing alias for many years.

One of the world’s foremost Personal Trainer’s, Matt has worked (& continues to do so) with some of the world’s leading industry names, sports people, and sporting bodies, introducing some global gym equipment firsts, helping to get thousands of people in shape, and releasing his own free-to-download workout app GP Shuffle, which, at the time of writing, has received over 45,000 downloads.

Released in 2012, Matt’s acclaimed Globe Gripz invention can be purchased worldwide. For details of the ergonomic training aid, please visit: Globe Gripz.

In 2015, Matt released his Deadlift Deadener invention, which has received similar acclaim, most notably by deadlift world record holder Eddie Hall, and can be found in many gyms around the world. Visit Deadlift Deadener to find out more.

As a long-time advocate of drug-free exercise and the importance of correct nutrition and training within sport, Matt is regularly invited to speak in schools, shows, and prisons, and is a multi-award-winning drug-tested champion athlete himself.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Matt also continues to write for our free-online-resource,, and has a column in the network of local Living magazines and Health & Strength magazine, the world's oldest strength journal. Matt’s currently working on bringing more concepts into fruition and hopes to release these during 2017.

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