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Globe Gripz Reviews

Globe Gripz can be added to any exercise to increase grip-strength requirement and to add training variety, however, the overwhelming praise is for how discomfort is avoided by simply changing the angle or style of grip.  I've added some of the independent feedback we've received to this page.

To make the most of your Globe Gripz, below we've added training videos from regular workouts of how Globe Gripz are being used. Should you wish to add your own, please contact us advising your YouTube video link. We'll be uploading many more to our YouTube Channel, so be sure to subscribe here: Gym Professor YouTube Channel.

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Dog Bone-Style Triceps Pressdowns

No sign of golfers elbow or tennis elbow here! Switch-up your grip with Globe Gripz to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Bomb-Style Pull-Ups

A nice variation for grip and pull-up training - place Globe Gripz on the end of a parallel grip chin bar in order to perform bomb-style pull-ups.

Incline Bench Press Superset

NPA champion Matt Bembridge shows us one of his favourite chest supersets at Body Managment, Great Britain. "Having previously suffered Supraspinatus (Rotator Cuff) issues, Neutral-Grip Incline Bench Press allowed me to workout chest and avoid any shoulder discomfort. Now, I am injury free!" Matt Bembridge

Zottman Curls

Read why Zottman Curls are one of the best all-round arm developers and why two natural bodybuilding champions favour performing them with Globe Gripz here: the all-in-one arm blasting exercise to develop strength and dexterity: Zottman Curls.

Biceps Workout

SWAT Operator Jim Vaglica shows us some exercises for Biceps and Forearms. Use Globe Gripz to avoid repetitive stress injuries like golfers elbow by switching up your grip to increase variety and change plains of movement. 

Shoulders Workout

Giant-Set shoulders workout performed by natural bodybuilding champ Matt Bembridge at Bob's Gym, Great Britain. "Using Globe Gripz on the featured exercises feels far more natural in my palm and avoids any wrist discomfort, allowing me to concentrate on exercise form and workout intensity." Matt Bembridge

Stiff-Arm Pulldowns Superset

To avoid possible elbow or wrist discomfort during Stiff-Arm Pulldowns, try the respective neutral-grip or EZ-style grip shown.

Bodybuilding royalty Frank Zane uses Globe Gripz for Stiff-Arm Pulldowns..."Put them (Globe Gripz) on a pulldown bar and they work good for stiff arm pulldowns - making the grip more comfortable!"

Bodyweight Chest Workout

This superset is much tougher than it looks. If you're repping out on your suspension press-ups, try flyes as a pre-exhaust and add Globe Gripz to increase difficulty further.

Biceps Blaster

For many, straight bar curls (cables or barbells) proves uncomfortable on the wrists and elbows. Globe Gripz help to avoid discomfort so you can concentrate on getting a great pump! 

Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups

Natural bodybuilding champion Matt Bembridge shows us one of his favourite back exercises - Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups with Globe Gripz - in Bob's Gym, Great Britain. "A neutral-grip avoids any elbow discomfort during Pull-Ups, whilst Globe Gripz help to increase exercise intensity, a lot!" Matt Bembridge

Dips on Gym Rings

To put the difficulty of this exercise (Dips on Gym Rings with Globe Gripz and 20kg weight plate) in to context, Matt can perform the same repetitions for regular dips (on a fixed frame without Globe Gripz) with 80kg of weight plates.  

21's for Triceps

21's for Triceps by switching up the grip on a cable handle with Globe Gripz. The Globe Gripz offer an easy way to add variety, offer quick transitions, and avoid joint discomfort.

Pre-Exhaust Superset for Chest

Avoid Suprasinatus injury related discomfort with a neutral-grip on an incline bench. Matt shows us one of his favourite pre-exhaust chest supersets with Globe Gripz.

Over/ Over Deadlifts

Strength Coach Rob King from Heavy Weights Training Center in Canada performing Deadlifts with an Over/ Over grip. Rob's a big advocate of Globe Gripz - you can find many more exercises using Globe Gripz on his YouTube Channel.

Seated Incline Hammer Curls

There's no cheating when performing curls in an incline position. Here Rob King gets to grips with his globes for Hammer Curls. Be sure to check out Rob's video review advising why he uses Globe Gripz. 

Traps Workout

Avoid discomfort on your wrists performing upright rows or hitching up your thighs performing shrugs, stick your Globe Gripz on a straight bar cable handle to adopt a parallel grip for a superset of the two (upright rows and shrugs).

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Rows

Josh Sullivan likes using Globe Gripz for Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Rows, making it far more comfortable on the wrists.

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