Gym Workout Routines - Toning (for Men)

Toned Abs

Below is a sample beginner to intermediate 12 week toning gym workout routine for men kindly copied from the bestselling book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success.

The gym workout plan provided is suitable for most healthy active men to use within a gym environment of limited gym equipment. If you are unsure how to perform any exercise, please review our Exercise Index.

As mentioned in other sections of the Gym Professor website, you should allow for suitable progression and transitions between your gym workout routines (from one gym routine to the next). If you are a gym room newbie, the sample gym routines below allow for sensible progression with reasonable transitions. Remember, these are sample gym workout routines only!

For further gym workout plans & diet advice, please feel free to browse the Gym Professor website and consider the wise & recommended purchase of Gym Workouts: Maps to Success in order to achieve your physique goals! The book features easy-to-use process maps with hundreds of gym workout routines for you to follow and progress with well in to the future. You can now also download our gym workout app (for free!) at the link below, or simply search 'GP Shuffle' in the App Store.

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After completing the sample 12 week gym program, you can review Gym Routine Upgrade Options, or, a sensible gym program progression would be to perform the sample Circuit Training Gym Routine, Endurance Gym Routine or Strength Gym Routine (depending upon your goals). Better-still, Gym Workouts: Maps to Success has hundreds of progressive gym routines to follow.

Toning Gym Workouts