Sports-Specific Gym Workout Routines


For those of you familiar with periodization, it's general practice to perform sport-specific gym routines & exercises in both the preparation and competitive phases of your meso training cycle. Below are a list of sample gym workout routines and relevant exercises that I (GP) have prepared for varying transitions in the past and are amongst the many featured in the top-selling book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success. As mentioned on many other pages, you should allow for sensible transitions between gym routines. Likewise, during these phases other supplementary training (such as cardiovascular & plyometrics) should follow similar transitions, therefore complimenting eachother - with the goal of improving performance during competition (not the gym!).

If you are unsure how to structure a periodization plan, please consider purchasing the Gym Professor book Gym Workouts: Maps to Success, which provides easy-to-use process maps with hundreds of gym workout routines for you to follow whatever your ability, sport or goal. For news updates, please join the Gym Professor FREE Newsletter.

Check out our sports-specific gym workouts...

Sports-Specific Gym Workout Routines

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